Wonder Orbs MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite are items that have different varieties. Each different kind of Wonder Orb has different uses.


Different kinds of Orbs could be found in different dungeons with different rarities and bought in Kecleon Shops.

Their prices are $300, except the Beatup Orb and Possess Orb, two Orbs that only appears by Cheating; and the Sandy Orb and Rocky Orb, which prices are $500.

They could be sold for $150. The Sandy Orb and Rocky Orb, however, sells for $250.

In-game DescriptionEdit

The In-game descriptions differ among different Orbs.


Each kind of Orb has different effects.

See AlsoEdit

For the list and uses of each Orb, see List of Wonder Orbs and their uses.

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