Sup! I figured I'd leave this post here for any admins or new active editors that might show up soon.

...Unfortunately the odds of either happening seems pretty low. As of writing the last admin to edit anything here was User:Swiftblizzard, on April 19, 2014. Since I am currently the only active editor, and also because I have made more edits than all of the current admins combined, I have decided to request adoption of this wikia as soon as I become eligible (4 days from now).

As it is, PMD Red and Blue wiki is not in great shape. Some pages are written as if they were ehow guides, the wordmark and background were clearly made in MS Paint, and most importantly, tons and tons of content is missing. But between my Blue Rescue Team ROM and RAM research, previous wiki experience, and passion for everything PMD, I believe I have the ability to help it grow! :D

Please respond if you have anything you want to say about this. It is my hope that this will be a turning point for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue wiki, and feedback would never hurt.