Team A.C.T. is a Rescue team.

Team A.C.T.
Team ACT 1st appearence
Team Data
Leader Alakazam
Team Members: Charizard
Rank Gold


Team A.C.T. is a Gold Rank rescue team led by Alakazam. They are a famous rescue team near the Pokemon Square. All Pokemon in the Pokemon Square respects them. They went and tried to beat Groudon, but failed. Throughout the game, they appear several times:

  • When Shiftry doesn't agree to rescue Jumpluff's friend, they appeared and asked him to save her. Shiftry is scared and finally agreed.
  • Before the player goes to Mt.Thunder, they come and ask if the player is scared. When the player reaches the peak of Mt.Thunder and beat Zapdos, they come and becomes amazed. Alakazam advises the player to meet Xatu.
  • When the player is said to be the cursed Pokemon, they come and gave them the chance to escape. Team A.C.T. then hunts down the player with other rescue teams. They are the only team to reach Mt.Freeze, and is surprised to hear that the player is not the cursed Pokemon.
  • They also went underground to battle Groudon, but didn't return. When the player's team goes to the place where Groudon was, Team A.C.T. were found defeated. After the player defeats Groudon, they go back to the Pokemon Square.
  • Alakazam made the Teleport gem with Xatu and a ghost Pokemon.
  • Team A.C.T. was also at the Great Canyon when the player returns and disappear. They are all sad about it. Later they are seen to be very happy when the player returns.
  • After the credit rolls, Alakazam and his team will be found at the Pokemon Square.

Also, because Lucario is Alakazam's role model, Lucario rank is the highest rank.


  • Their goal is to come close to Lucario's greatness.
  • The name of the team is never mentioned in the game. Instead, the team was mentioned as 'Alakazam's team'.

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