Recruitment is the main method of obtaining Pokémon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team.  There is a limit of 413 Pokémon at one time.

Recruiting of PokemonEdit

  1. It must be the team leader who defeats the wild Pokemon.
  2. The team must not have more than 4 Pokemon, i.e. a full team.
  3. After recriting the Pokemon, the Size of Pokemon in the team can't be higher than 6 stars.
  4. If newly recruited Pokemon or the team leader faints before making it to the end of the dungeon, reaching a relay point or warping out of the dungeon, the new recruit(s) will leave the team forever.
  5. Some Pokemon Bosses can't be recruited on the first visit to the dungeon.
  6. Some dungeons disallows the recruiting of Pokemon.
  7. The recruitment rate of the Pokemon must be higher than zero.

Recruitment RatesEdit

See Recruitment Rate

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