Pelipper is a Non-Player-Character Pokémon in the Pokémon world. It is one of the Pelipper that works in Pelipper Post Office.

Type1 Water
Type2 Flying
Current Location Pelipper Pst Office


It is the Pelipper that takes the job of sending mail to the player’s rescue team base. It sent two letter to the player, one when the player is about to escape from Pokémon Square, and another when the player returns, titled as ‘A mail from Pelipper’.

Letter when the player is about to escape from Pokémon SquareEdit

‘Take care!

It’s a farewell, but only for now.

Until the day I can deliver mail to you again…

I’ll always be waiting.

-The wandering postal carrier,


A Mail from PelipperEdit

‘Yo! Amigo! It’s awesome you’re back!

I’ll be delivering mail to you again!

I’ve been looking forward to this with

my bill outstretched!

I’ll deliever tons of mail, so you’d better

be ready! Amigo!

-The wandering postal carrier, Pelipper-‘

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