Lapis Cave (ぐんじょうの どうくつ Ultramarine Cave) is a main-story dungeon accessible in both Red and Blue Rescue Teams. It is the 8th main dungeon in the main story, and is accessed after completing the events leading up to, during and after Great Canyon. It has 14 floors in total, and is the first of the dungeon chain during the fugitive period.

Weather conditions do not occur, and buried items, monster houses and shops appear at any given floor.

Plot Edit

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The entrance to Lapis Cave


A floor from Lapis Cave

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After the events of Great Canyon, the player and their partner return to Town Square to find Gengar spreading false information about them to the townsfolk. Gengar states that the natural disasters are all the main character's fault, and this convinces the townsfolk enough to turn against the player and partner, despite the partner constantly reassuring the townsfolk that they aren't the crook and they got the information all wrong. Later at the Team Base, the player and partner are confronted by Team ACT, who tell them that they have to run far away from the Town Square, for if they see them again in the Town Square or Team Base, they will show no mercy. They have the rest of the day and night to pack and ready themselves for the journey ahead.

The player and partner then leave for the next day, and are considered fugitives at this point. However, once reaching the entrance of Lapis Cave they hear faint voices, and they soon realise that the townspeople are actually chasing after them. They then have to hurry through the 14 floors of Lapis Cave, and once exiting stop to catch their breath and see if the others have caught up. Unfortunately, the have, and the player and partner have no choice but to trudge on to the next dungeon.