Gummis are a type of food in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.


When eaten in a dungeon, Gummis can restore the Pokemon's belly depending on the type of the Pokemon and the Gummi's color. It can also rise the Pokemon's IQ, also depending on the type of Pokemon and Gummi.

When given to a Pokemon resting in its friend area, it rises the Pokemon's IQ. One of the stats will also be increased, with a chance of rising other stats as well.


It can be sold for $50 and bought by $800.


When the player open the toolbox, selects and uses the Gummi, the leader will eat the gummi. If the player throws a gummi to a partner Pokemon, it will catch it if it has no held items or eat it if it doesn't have the IQ skill Item Master or already has a held item.

When facing a Pokemon in friend areas, the player can give the Pokemon gummis by selecting 'Give Gummi'.

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